Cooper Taylor Blog: Looking for a 'W'

Posted Sep 19, 2013

Safety Cooper Taylor was drafted by the New York Giants in the fifth round this past April. Throughout the year, the University of Richmond product and Georgia native will provide an inside look at his journey of making it in the NFL. This week’s post picks up with Cooper and the Giants looking for their first win of 2013 against the Carolina Panthers.

It’s been a good work week here at the facility. We’re definitely trying to get better and get that first win down in Carolina. It’s going to be a great game. It’s another good week of learning a lot and trying to improve.

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It’s definitely not the way you want to start a season, but we have some great leaders keeping everybody upbeat and positive. It’s just something we learn from and improve on. We’ll turn it around. I think that’s coming.

We’re heading into the third game week, and things are starting to sink in for us as rookies. I’m starting to get a grasp of the defense. One thing in the NFL is that every week is a whole new learning process to prepare for another team while you try to improve on the things you might have made mistakes in the week before. Every week, every day, no matter how old you are, you’ve got to improve. But as a rookie, there are just a lot more areas you need to do that.


Sunday will be another great test for our defense. The Panthers have a bunch of great athletes. They’re another dynamic offense with a lot of good playmakers, and Cam Newton is kind of the man for them. He’s another Atlanta guy, but I’ve never played against him in college or in high school. I went to Marist School and he was over at Westlake. But I do know you want to see him and control him as much as you can. It’s definitely another big task going from Peyton Manning to Cam Newton – two different but two great quarterbacks.
Cooper Taylor is in his first year in the NFL and with the Giants. The 6-4, 228 pound safety played college ball at the University of Richmond. His path to the NFL is unique and a story in itself. Cooper will be writing a blog each week exclusively for

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