Toughest opponent of 2013?

Posted Dec 11, 2013

Is Seattle the best team on the Giants schedule?

Already facing teams like Denver (11-2), Kansas City (10-3), and Carolina (9-4), the Giants will face another one of the NFL’s best when they host the Seattle Seahawks, who have the top record in the NFC.

Despite being eliminated from the playoffs, the Giants will try to stack up against them and finish out a season that can end no better than 8-8.

“I think in order for us to continue to measure how good our team is and how much pride we play with and how much character we have on our team, trying to get the Seahawks is going to be a true test to that,” wide receiver Victor Cruz said this week. “And [it] will continue to keep us ready to play and our morale high to continue to play good football and play a good team, like Seattle.”

That leads us to our Morning Debate:

Is Seattle the best team on the Giants’ schedule this year?

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