This season, the New York Giants have partnered up with Campbell's Chunky Soup to highlight "Everyday All-Stars" - individuals who go above and beyond to make a difference in the community.

The joint initiative is part of a larger Campbell's campaign to pay tribute to the everyday hard work of men and women in their communities. Campbell's enlisted six NFL players to join the effort - Odell Beckham Jr., Drew Brees, Kyle Long, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron and Eddie Lacy.

The second New York Giants Everyday All-Star is Syd Mandelbaum, the Founder and CEO of Rock and Wrap it Up!. You can also go back and check out the first member of the team, Debra Vizzi of Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

About Rock and Wrap it Up!

Rock and Wrap it Up! is an anti-poverty think tank founded nearly three decades ago that uses green strategies to reduce the carbon and poverty footprint simultaneously. The organization ensures all food that's prepared is done safely and can be recovered to feed the hungry throughout the community. Rock and Wrap it Up! develops unique tactics and strategies, and has strategically partnered with over 75 sports teams throughout the country to help food recovery efforts.

Both of Syd's parents are immigrants to the United States and Holocaust survivors, which is the foundation for his life of giving back.

"I always felt the need to give back to the United States to say thank you for giving my parents a new lease on life. I'm a scientist by training and when I felt I could make a difference, I wanted to do it by fighting poverty in the United States and elsewhere. This is our 27th year and we have fed over one billion people."

What made you get involved in community service?

"By lowering poverty rates it helps the world. All of us are dependent on our neighbors. If you know someone that is ill, either mentally or physically, it weighs on the whole community. Crime would be down and health benefits and hospitalizations would be down if people that had health issues related to poverty were reduced. More children in middle class homes have a chance to go on and be productive. It's all connected. The more we do to help all of those around us, the better."

If you were GM of a Campbell's Chunky Everyday-All Star team, what qualities would you look for?

"Fighting poverty is its own reward. I always look for people that are not discouraged the first time out and have a stick-to-itiveness, know the work they're doing can reduce poverty which will make life better. I look for passion and passionate individuals. The power of one is important, because one person can change the world. I really believe that."

Describe your mentors and people who have influenced you.

"I have three mentors. Elie Wiesel, a writer and friend of mine before he won the Nobel Peace Prize. The second would be Phil Sanchez, Director of the Office and Economic Opportunity under President Richard M. Nixon. The third would be Jim Watson, who won the Nobel Prize for DNA. I have two master's degrees - one in science and one in management. I worked many years doing genetics and cancer research."

Favorite dish to cook or your best dish?

"I am an omnivore. I love everything. If it came down to one dish, I love a really well-prepared charcoal and rare steak with cream spinach and onion rings. A T-bone that has the filet and the strip on it, or a good porterhouse. And of course, Campbell's tomato soup."

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