2012 Rookie Recap: Markus Kuhn

Posted Mar 8, 2013's Michael Eisen takes a look back at the team's 2012 Rookie Class

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Last April, the Giants drafted seven players who joined the organization with various degrees of confidence, excitement, nervousness, anxiety and readiness to contribute. In their inaugural season in 2012, each confronted the challenges faced by all rookies, including learning to be a professional, memorizing the playbook, integrating themselves into a veteran team that had won the Super Bowl the previous season, finding a place to live and, perhaps most challenging to young player joining the Giants from another part of the country, getting accustomed to driving in New Jersey.

The seven players had widely divergent degrees of success. Some played in every game. Others didn’t step on the field all season.

The Giants’ 2012 draft class is a tight-knit group that spends time together and supports each other. Near the end of the season, we gave each of them an opportunity to talk about their first NFL season.

Markus Kuhn
North Carolina State
Seventh Round, 239 Overall Selection

The German native had worked his way into the defensive line rotation before tearing his anterior cruciate ligament at Cincinnati on Nov. 11. He played in each of the first 10 games, including a start vs. Cleveland on Oct. 7. Kuhn had eight tackles (four solo) and knocked down four passes. He ended the season on injured reserve.

“I think if you watch my first game compared to the last few games I played it’s unbelievable how my game has changed already,” said Kuhn. “The more I’m around the coaching I get here and the more I’m around veteran players and the more I’m actually on the field playing the better I can get and I think that it actually really showed.”

“He came on and did some nice stuff for us,” Reese said. “We think he’s going to be healthy and back ready to play and be a big imposing figure in the middle for us at our defensive tackle position.”

Kuhn underwent surgery and has been working out regularly at the Timex Performance Center.

“Obviously, it’s really frustrating,” he said of having to sit out. “When I came here being drafted in the seventh round I think a lot of people didn’t think at the beginning I would have the impact on this team that I have already. My goal was to be on the field, to be part of the team and to play and after I accomplished those things and even started a game. For me it was just huge to help the team out and to get hurt after 10 games was a huge bummer. But there’s nothing I could do about it now and now it’s just for me getting better and not helping the team out again.”

Although he went to college in laid-back North Carolina, Kuhn was raised in the land of the Autobahn. So he enjoys driving in New Jersey.

“They’re driving a little more aggressive than they did in North Carolina, which I think plays a little more into my driving style,” he said. “So I like that.”

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