2012 Rookie Recap: OL Brandon Mosley

Posted Mar 5, 2013's Michael Eisen takes a look back at the team's 2012 Rookie Class

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Last April, the Giants drafted seven players who joined the organization with various degrees of confidence, excitement, nervousness, anxiety and readiness to contribute. In their inaugural season in 2012, each confronted the challenges faced by all rookies, including learning to be a professional, memorizing the playbook, integrating themselves into a veteran team that had won the Super Bowl the previous season, finding a place to live and, perhaps most challenging to young player joining the Giants from another part of the country, getting accustomed to driving in New Jersey.

The seven players had widely divergent degrees of success. Some played in every game. Others didn’t step on the field all season.

The Giants’ 2012 draft class is a tight-knit group that spends time together and supports each other. Near the end of the season, we gave each of them an opportunity to talk about their first NFL season.

Brandon Mosley
Fourth Round, 131st Overall Selection

Mosley suffered an ankle injury in a preseason game vs. the Jets on August 18 and was placed on injured reserve nine days later. He spent the season working out and attending meetings (he took offensive line coach Pat Flaherty’s quizzes on assignments and opposing personnel very Friday), but per NFL rules was not permitted to attend practice.

“This is a dream deferred,” Mosley said. “I’m taking it as a redshirt year and just trying to learn as much as I can when I’m in meetings.”

Mosley said Flaherty constantly challenges all the linemen, including those on I.R., or the practice squad.

“Coach Flats still calls us out a lot and asks what our assignment is on a particular play,” Mosley said. “He still asks us a lot of questions. He keeps us involved in everything. I still go to meetings every day and Flats keeps us involved.”

So do the veteran linemen, who Mosley said have helped his development.

“After a meeting, I’ll get (Chris) Snee’s notes and look over his notes and see what he takes down,” he said. “And we still take all the quizzes.”

But sitting in a meeting room is an inadequate substitute for being on the football field.

“This is the first time since grade school I haven’t played football,” Mosley said. “It’s definitely very weird, but being in meetings every day helps out a lot.”

An Alabama native, Mosley is getting the hang of getting around New Jersey.

“I have noticed myself being a little more aggressive up here,” he said. “You definitely have to change your driving style when you come up here. I’m probably going to have to slow down a little bit and remember when I go back home.”

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