CB Corey Webster practices with cast

Posted Sep 24, 2012

CB Corey Webster practiced Monday with a cast protecting his hand

Starting cornerback Corey Webster practiced today with a cast protecting the hand he broke in Charlotte. Webster returned to the game after suffering the injury.

“(It’s) obviously very cumbersome in practice,” Coughlin said. “That’s because they are overboard with the safety issue as far as practice goes. I’m expecting that it won’t be quite that way at game time. The cast will be smaller. He’s going to be able to run and do all of those things, but it’s going to be very cumbersome for him in practice because of the size of the cast he’s got.”

Webster’s teammates admire him for playing through the injury.

“Corey is a tough guy,” safety Kenny Phillips said. “If he couldn’t play, he wouldn’t be out there, and to see him on the field and making plays out there tackling, that was great.”

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