Coach Peter Giunta inspires Combine DB's

Posted Feb 26, 2014

Giants Secondary Coach Peter Giunta addresses the Defensive Backs at the NFL Combine

In what has become an annual occurrence, Giants secondary coach Peter Giunta addressed the new defensive back crop on the final day of the NFL Scouting Coming in Indianapolis.


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Huddling up the top prospects who are getting ready to make the jump from college to the pros, Giunta delivered a clear message yesterday: “Earn it.”

“You guys have been on a long job interview for playing the game that you love hopefully,” he said on the field of Lucas Oil Stadium. “You’ve been scrutinized here.  If you think this is a lot, wait until you get into the league. It is a privilege to work in the National Football League, whether you are a player, whether you are a coach, whether you are a scout. Whatever it is, it’s a privilege to work in our league. It’s not a right. You’ve got to earn it to go there.”

Giunta, who has been an NFL coach since 1991 and is going on his ninth season with the Giants, also provided recent examples of players who earned that right. And they weren’t all high draft picks.

He pointed out the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and their secondary.

“The guys that won the Super Bowl this year, their secondary, are a first, a [fifth], a fifth, and a sixth [round draft choice],” Giunta said. “It doesn’t matter where you go from here; it’s what you do when you get there. If you want to stay playing, you’re going to have to make decisions every day of your life. Some of the decisions will be good decisions. Some of them won’t be so good. I don’t want to be reading about any of you guys in the paper except for something positive. If you have a tough decision to make, make sure that the most important person to you in your life is standing there behind you or beside you. Chances are if that would please that person, you making that decision, then you’re making the right decision. If it’s not, if there’s any doubt, don’t make that decision. Too many guys are making the wrong decisions. Make the right decisions. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you’ve got to earn the right to play.”