Eisen's Mailbag: Life after Bradshaw

Posted Feb 7, 2013's Michael Eisen answers your questions!

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Were you at all surprised by the releases this week of Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Boley and Chris Canty? Do you think the decisions to let them go were based more on financial or performance considerations?

After 27 years around the Giants, very little surprises me anymore. I can’t say I expected all three to get released this week, but it certainly didn’t shock me. Canty’s departure was the most unexpected to me. The decisions were based on a combination of factors. Certainly, creating space under the salary cap was one. Performance was another. Injuries were likely a factor. All three players missed games last season and it’s no secret Bradshaw has chronic foot issues. Boley and Canty are 30 and the Giants are always looking to get younger and better. It’s up to their replacements to ensure that happens.

Now that Ahmad Bradshaw has been released, do you think David Wilson will be the starting running back next season? And if he is, will he still be the kickoff returner?

Wilson is the early leader to be the starter. He was a first-round draft choice and the Giants are excited about his potential. I would expect he would split carries with Andre Brown and perhaps another running back they might bring in. But the Giants would like to put the Ball in Wilson’s hands. The kickoff return question is an interesting one. If Wilson is the primary ballcarrier, I can’t imagine he would return every kickoff, because of wear and tear and the risk of injury. Perhaps he will handle that role on a more limited basis. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

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