Eli Manning holds Reddit AMA, answers fan questions!

Posted Aug 29, 2014

Eli Manning held an AMA where he answered several out of the box questions including his favorite video game, boy band debates and more!

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning recently participated in the “Ask Me Anything” series on reddit.

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And, well, the fans asked him anything. pulled some of the best questions and often hilarious responses by the two-time Super Bowl MVP under the name “RealEliManning.”

Q: Is Joe Flacco an Elite quaterback?

I think if you're playing in the NFL, you're an elite quarterback.

Q: EA Sports did a decent job capturing your likeness, see Manningface. Are you disappointed that they have yet to include your sandwich eating TD celebration dance?

RealEliManning: I'm very disappointed they have not included my sandwich-eating touchdown dance. I am very proud of that dance and it took me a long time to master, and I feel that it needs the respect that it deserves.

Q: We know you occasionally prank and joke around with your teammates. Who has pulled the best prank on you and what did they do?
RealEliManning: Jeff Feagles removed all the air out of my tires one year at training camp and left me a bike pump so I could pump up my tires just enough to get to a gas station.

Q: How far can you throw an uncontested ball in perfect weather?
RealEliManning: I'd say between 65-70 yards.

Q: Please rank all the Centers you've worked with based on odor.
RealEliManning: Start at best smelling going to worst? I'll say... best smelling center... hehe....let's start with Shaun O'Hara is the most hygienic, I think. Kevin Boothe coming in second place. Wayne Lucier. And I'd say that Richie Seubert comes in last place.

Q: What's something hilarious you have done or seen a teammate do to a visiting team locker room while on the road?
RealEliManning: After we beat the Cowboys in the opening game of their new stadium, I was requested to sign part of the locker room (which some of the Cowboys fans did not appreciate).

Q: Is Tom Brady really that dreamy? Like seriously?
RealEliManning: He's pretty good lookin'.

Q: Who's the funniest player on the team?
RealEliManning: Funniest player on the team - I think JPP. Just the stories that he has from growing up and his comments that he throws out during the course of the day.

Q: After you throw an interception do you want to punch the guy who caught it or do you mostly just feel sad?
RealEliManning: I don't think I've ever thrown an interception?

Q: 'N Sync or Backstreet?
RealEliManning: Oh, 'N Sync. For sure.

Q: Eli, what's your favourite video game?
RealEliManning: Zelda, on original Nintendo.

Q: Eli, of all the receivers you've played with, who do you think you shared the best chemistry with on the field? You and Plaxico really seemed in tune, as well as Amani. Who were some of the best?
RealEliManning: Plaxico was very easy to throw to just because of his size. Steve Smith was another one that was great in the slot position. And you know, Victor Cruz has become a great playmaker for us as well.
Q: Just curious, what single pass are you most proud of? Tyree, Manningham?
RealEliManning: I think the Manningham pass, just because that took more skill and from practice than the Tyree pass, which was more backyard / draw it up route.

And last but not least…

Q: Why have you tormented my Patriots so much over the years?
RealEliManning: It's nothing personal.