FB Henry Hynoski scores first career TD

Posted Dec 30, 2012

FB Henry Hynoski scored the first touchdown of his career on a one-yard pass from Eli Manning

If you didn’t know the Hynocerous before Sunday, you do now.

When he’s not plowing holes for his running backs or keeping Eli Manning upright, Henry Hynoski is now catching touchdown passes.  The Giants’ second-year fullback scored the first touchdown of his career on a one-yard pass from Eli Manning – the quarterback’s fifth TD throw of the game – with 6:51 to play in a 42-7 victory over Philadelphia.

He wasn’t done yet.

Hynoski, 6-1, 266, gave Victor Cruz’s salsa dance a run for its money when he celebrated in the south end zone, mimicking a rhinoceros, a common comparison by fans and teammates.

“I had in the back of my head since the start of the season,” Hynoski said of the celebration. “I came close a couple times this year, but didn’t really get the opportunity to use it. I had it stored away in case it would happen, and it just so happened that it happened on this day.”

Then linebacker Spencer Paysinger, who occupies the locker next to Hynoski’s in MetLife Stadium, chimed in, “We both helped create that.”

Hynoski had the idea to put his hand up to his face to make a horn, but Paysinger was the inspiration behind the stomping of the feet.

“I was just going to do this,” Hynoski said, recreating the move. “But he said to do the charging before I do that. He was definitely involved. We kind of came together on that one.”

Hynoski came close to unveiling the Hynocerous earlier this season, but fell just short of the goal line on a play against Washington and was slightly overthrown in the end zone of the Green Bay game. Sunday’s almost didn’t come to fruition, either, when the catch in the front-right corner of the end zone was reviewed.

But the ruling was upheld.

“It seemed like it would have been just fitting,” Hynoski said of waiting for the replay. “I got stopped on the half-foot line this year and got overthrown one time. So it just seemed fitting that’s what would have happened, but I’m glad it didn’t. I was relieved.”

It was an emotional and bittersweet day, however, for Hynoski as the regular-season finale fell on his 24th birthday. Sunday was also the day his Giants welcomed hundreds of Sandy Hook Elementary School students and were eliminated from the postseason.

“It was emotional – just running out and giving them high fives and seeing the excitement and joy that it brought to their faces,” Hynoski said. “We played the game for them. After all they’ve been through, they were out there to see us, and that was very touching and emotional for us. I think it gave us a lot of extra drive and determination to get the ‘W’ for them.”

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