Five news items to start your day (3/26)

Posted Mar 26, 2014

Get caught up with the latest Big Blue happenings

1. Grading the Giants. Experts from around the league handed out grades after the initial wave of free agency. CLICK HERE for a look at how the Giants stacked up.

2. Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson dies at age of 95. Commissioner Roger Goodell commented on his passing: “Ralph Wilson was a driving force in developing pro football into America’s most popular sport. He loved the game and took a chance on a start-up league in 1960 as a founding owner of the American Football League. He brought his beloved Bills to western New York and his commitment to the team’s role in the community set a standard for the NFL.”

3. Rule changes. NFL clubs passed two proposals -- Nos. 8 and 9 -- on Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., amending rules on clipping and the review system. CLICK HERE to read more about what they are how they will affect the game.

4. Adapting to a lower target.

5. Sounds good. Bose Corporation and the National Football League announced they have extended their sponsorship agreement, which now makes Bose the official headphone and headset of the NFL. Bose will design, engineer and manufacture new headsets for all NFL coaches to use in-game, enhancing sideline and booth communications in a variety of areas, including play-calling and instant replay.

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