Five news items to start your day (4/23)

Posted Apr 23, 2014

Get caught up with the latest Big Blue happenings

. What We Learned.
Tuesday was a headline day at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center as players met the media on their second day of offseason workouts. As you could expect, there was plenty of news. Catch up on the most pressing items from the nearly 20 player interviews captured by

2. NFL schedule to be released tonight. Stay tuned to for all of your coverage.

3. JPP’s approach to 2014.
Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul discussed his expectations for the 2014 season. “It’s not showing people what player I can be,” Pierre-Paul said. “I know what player I am and what I bring to the team. I just have to go out there and we have to make the playoffs and try to get back to the Super Bowl.”

4. Manning ready for training camp? Quarterback Eli Manning spoke with the media Tuesday, giving an update in the wake of an ankle procedure.

5. Wilson waits for MRI. Running back David Wilson spoke to the media about his expectations for return as he overcomes a fusion of the vertebrae to repair the herniated disc in his neck. He awaits an MRI that could clear him to return to the field. “I passed every test except a picture and that’s the only reason I’m not on the field,” Wilson said. “Because of pictures. Right now we just need to get the photograph that we need.”