Gameday Quotes: Giants vs Miami

Posted Aug 12, 2016

Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Q: What did you take away from how Ryan (Nassib) played tonight?

A: I think overall, as an offense, Ryan was right in line with everybody else tonight. It was a sloppy performance. Anytime you have six balls on the ground and two INT’s, it was not what we were looking for.

Q: What’s your assessment of how you ran the ball tonight?

A: I thought the first half we came out, we wanted to run the football, wanted to work the outside zone a little bit just to get that going there. They were running some wide-nine techniques in their front that made it challenging early on. We had a bunch of plays, we may have had 44 or so at half, so we felt like we were moving the ball and getting quality reps there from an offensive standpoint, we just didn’t finish the drive. We had the ball on the ground there on the goal line and we have to take care of the ball better and finish drives.

Q: Were you happy about what you saw from the first team defense?

A: I thought the first team defense took a solid step tonight, coming out and playing with each other for the first time…encouraging.

Q: What’s Eli Apple’s status?

A: It’s early…it doesn’t look to be anything serious at this point.

Q: How about Sterling Shepard?

A: Same.

Q: What do you think happened with Nassib in the second quarter?

A: Yeah, he was playing a little better with the first offensive line in there, then we started getting a little bit of pressure. Some throws were coming up short. Again, we need to go back and look at the tape and evaluate it from there.

Q: How about for yourself, was there any excitement in the first game as head coach?

A: Yeah, I was excited. I think everybody in the locker room was excited. It was the first time to get out and go against another team, it always provides some good energy.

Q: Who called the plays tonight?

A: Sully (Coach Sullivan) called the plays tonight.

Q: How do you think it went?

A: It was fine…we need to execute better.

Q: How did the whole process feel?

A: We had six balls on the ground and two turnovers. I’m not pleased about any of that.

Q: Did the weather delay throw off any of the preparation?

A: We changed a couple of things. We adjusted and improvised with the delay.

Q: What went into the decision to not play Odell Beckham?

A: He came out, we had intentions of playing him in a handful of plays. We got back in, we had the delay and I decided not to play him.

Q: What did you think of B.J. Goodson?

A: B.J. was flying around. I thought he had a good night. I think he ended up cramping up at the end there. But he was flying around, making plays and looking like he was having fun. It was good to get him a bunch of reps.

Q: Did anything change your mind about the backup offensive linemen after tonight?

A: I think we need more work. I think we have a good group of guys right there. We need to go out, we need to do more work. We have a day off tomorrow, a transition day coming back the following day. We need to go put the pads on and get to work.

Q: What do you think the reason was for the six balls on the ground?

A: We’ll have to find out. We haven’t had quarterback-center exchange problems at camp and we had a couple of those tonight and it looked like we had a bad pocket there on the last one. Looked like the quarterback put the ball in the breadbasket but the pocket didn’t look very clean.

Q: What did you think about Special Teams tonight?

A: I think we had some good effort and energy early. I think Brad Wing did a nice job. As the game got later, we got sloppy. There were a couple penalties that we can’t have that really flipped the field on us and we’ve got to eliminate those.

Q: Severity of Geremy Davis’ hamstring?

A: Doesn’t look severe at this point but things can change overnight.

Q: How promising was Owa Odighizuwa tonight?

A: It was good to see him get some nice rushes in there. We’ll have to look at a couple of plays in the run game. He was active, and Owa’s a guy…he just has to let it rip. He’s a talented young man, he’s a good looking sucker, and he just has to go out there and let it rip and play fast and play aggressive.

Q: What did you think of the pressure from the first team defense?

A: I liked it, I’m all for it.

Q: Any update on Victor Cruz?

A: No, we’ll take a look, hopefully Sunday.

QB Ryan Nassib

Q: Coach McAdoo is not happy about the ball protection in general with the offense. One of the things you guys talk about is The Duke, protecting the football. Was the message sent after the game that that needs to get better?

A: Yes. That goes without saying. Protecting the football is the number one priority in this game and that’s one of the biggest stats in if you’re going to win or lose games.

Q: How’d you feel in general about your performance tonight?

A: Obviously the turnovers were unacceptable. We put ourselves in some tough positions and we have to do a better job of bouncing back and making some plays, moving the ball and putting some more points on the board.

Q: It looked like a couple of the balls getting down the field were underthrown, was that an issue?

A: Yes, I underthrew those balls on single and man coverage. I have to put a little more air under those and let those guys run underneath it.

Q: What do you kind of take out of this game from a positive standpoint going forward?

A: We have a lot to improve on, we know that. It was nice to be able to get out there. We have a lot of experience and we’re going to have a lot to build on it.

Q: Do you look at this as probably your best opportunity in three-plus years given Eli did not play and you had a chance to be with the ones?

A: I just see it as any opportunity to go out there and play is a great opportunity and every time I get to go out there and play, it’s a learning experience, good and bad. You just take what you can from the bad experiences and try not to make those mistakes again in the future.

Q: When did you know you were going to start and play as much as you did today?

A: I can’t remember when coach came over and told us how much and what our playing time was going to be.

Q: What was your overall assessment of how you did?

A: I think ball security is the number one thing. I didn’t do a good job protecting the ball tonight at all and there’s definitely going to be some stuff we need to work on and me personally, especially. Those turnovers are unacceptable.

Q: I know you’ve had limited opportunities across the board because Eli has been so healthy, but in the three preseasons you’ve had, you haven’t had any picks at all. Is it shocking that this unfolded tonight because of the way you’ve performed in the past?

A: Yes, you never go into a game expecting to throw interceptions, so that’s just something that’ll happen but you try your very best to keep it from happening.

Q: It looked like Mike Sullivan was calling the plays, how did that operation work?

A: It went well; it went very smooth. Coach Sully did a great job calling plays, getting them in quickly and the operation was really smooth.

Q: Is it frustrating when you don’t do everything you want to do out there because you don’t get many opportunities?

A: Yes. Whenever the offense stalls or we punt or we turn the ball over, it’s extremely frustrating but that’s when you need to bounce back and rally.

Q: Of the three second quarter turnovers, was there any one in your mind that was worse than the other?

A: Any and every turnover is bad. It’s hard to say which one was worse. Every time you turn the ball over, there’s no such thing as a good turnover.

Q: On the sack fumble, if you look back, would you liked to have had two hands on the ball? I know it’s hard.

A: I was gearing up to throw it like a scramble drill and I just, it was poor fundamentals on my part. I need to have two hands on the ball at all times even if I’m thinking I’m about to throw.

Q: You were talking during the week how everything is a job interview. Do you walk out of here eager for the next one?

A: Yes. I think personally I’m just hungry to get to the next practice, get out there and get another opportunity to improve. Take away what happened tonight, learn from it and work on it to get better moving forward.

CB Eli Apple

Q: Can you tell us what happened when you got hurt?

A: I kind of just tweaked it a little bit on special teams, punt return. Just got a little bit off balance and I was trying to like hold up the guy that was blocking and kind of just tweaked it, but I’m feeling fine. It’s just a lower leg strain, it’s gonna be fine.

Q: Do you think you’ll be back in practice in two days?

A: Uh, we’ll see, we’ll see. That’s what tomorrow is for.

Q: Is that the play where you recovered the fumble?

A: Nah, it wasn’t that play. No.

Q: When it happened, did it give you a scare, at least initially?

A: Yeah, initially it did because I’ve never had that feeling before. I never had like knee problems but just after a while, just thinking and dealing with the trainers and getting a little treatment on it and getting the X-Rays and all that, it was fine.

Q: What was that feeling like?

A: It was just throbbing, kinda like just the outside of my knee. but it’s fine now, just gotta put some ice on it and have some good maintenance on it.

Q: You ever have a feeling like that before?

A: Uh, no. That was the first time, but I’m gonna be fine. It was a strain.

Q: Was it disappointing to have to come out of your first game?

A: Yeah, for sure. You know, you get into a groove a little bit playing a lot of plays, playing on special teams and defense and then you want to stay out there a little bit, but I just knew I wasn’t 100 percent and I just didn’t want to cost my team or anything, so just one of those unfortunate situations.

Q: Did the weather delay sort of throw off some of the timing. You guys got your warm up, you go in the locker room, you’ve got a routine, then you got this weather delay out there. What did it do to you in terms of feeling some of your anticipation?

A: Yeah, everybody was kind of hyped up a little bit to go out there at the normal time, but you know it kind of threw us off our routine a little bit, but when the game started we still had a high intensity. Our offense came out and executed pretty well and our defense was stopping them for the most part and then things kind of went a little south after that.

Q: Besides the injury, what was your first NFL experience like?

A: It was great. It was a lot of fun, for sure. Just special teams and a lot of running and all that stuff but it was fun being out there with the guys.

Q: How do you think you played?

A: I think I played okay. I played a little out of control sometimes. I could be a little better just with my technique and special teams as well, just keeping my attention to detail is one of the things, so just gotta fix it.

Q: When you look at the tape, what are the things you really want to hone in on?

A: Just the little details. Just recognizing things I could fix. Just keeping right leverage and trying to run plays because I kind of messed that up. I think one play I messed it up, let somebody get outside of me. Just on special teams making sure I’m doing everything correct.

Q: How did it feel with the first team defense, you were out there two series; two three and outs. A lot of pressure up front. Did you guys feel like you were cohesive like you talked about a lot this summer?

A: Yeah, it felt great being out there, playing with that defensive line. They were definitely getting to the quarterback and anytime you’re doing that, it definitely helps in coverage. You know you don’t have to cover the guy too long. But our first team defense definitely did what we’ve gotta do, it’s just after that it was a little drop off with the second team, but you know we’re gonna fix that in practice.

Q: When you lost leverage, did you hear your mom’s voice in your head out there?

A: I heard coach Spags’ voice in my head and I heard it a lot when I got back to the sideline. It’s just one of those little things you’ve gotta correct.

Q: What was going through your mind with the tackle on Stills on the sideline, right it was between you and a first down?

A: I mean, I had good initial coverage on him. He kind of pushed off at the top and I thought it was a first down, so I thought like ‘Oh man, I can’t believe it’ but then I looked and saw the sticks about two yards short of it. It was just good competition on both sides.

RB Rashad Jennings  

Q: How did you think the offense looked on those first couple drives?

A: The first couple of drives we saw some glimpses of things that we can do well. We see that if we eliminate self-inflicted wounds, eliminate pre snap penalties, then we have a great chance of being a good offense, putting points on the board, putting our defense in great spots and playing team football, but we have to take care [of our own mistakes] first. We have to eliminate the self-inflicted wounds. After that we have the playmakers to make plays and you saw on the first drive we were able to overcome a little adversity with a few penalties, make a big play and capitalize on it, so we are seeing glimpses, but we have to make it consistent with every group.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: The defense seemed to get a lot of pressure out there on the first couple drives. How have they looked out there to you?
A: We have a lot of work to do, a lot of work. We are just getting started.
Q: What areas do you think need improvement?
A: Everywhere. We are just trying to get better as a unit. We are trying to get chemistry with each other and be all we can be.
Q: Did you see any positive things that you liked?
A: Somewhat.

Defensive Tackle Damon Harrison

Q: The defense got a lot of pressure out there early…what did you see?

A: I saw the defensive ends flying around. This one play, I look, OV (Olivier Vernon) shot out of the stands like lightening and JPP was on the other side, Hank (Johnathan Hankins) was in the backfield. I just saw the whole defensive line, as whole, working, as well as the cover guys, to give those guys a chance to get back there. 

Q: How does that make you feel moving forward?

A: It's great when you know you've got defensive ends like OV and JPP that are flying on the ball like that. That gives me a chance to push the pocket as well as Hankins, and the quarterback steps up and there’s the possibility of a sack.

C Weston Richburg

Q: What were you seeing from the Dolphins defense?

A: They're just running pretty vanilla stuff right now because it's preseason, so they're not going to throw in anything out of the ordinary. The looks we saw were pretty easy for us to identify and it was a good preseason experience for us. 

Re: Touchdown run
A: It was our power play. That's what we want our identity to be, is running power and outside zone and inside zone, and being physical. It was good to see a touchdown on that play.