Giants visit the "real heroes" at FDNY Ladder Company 3

Posted Jul 11, 2015

Giants players visit a local firehouse and reflect on September 11th

To so many, professional athletes and players in the National Football League are heroes. It isn’t often those roles get reversed.

That was exactly the case however, Wednesday evening when six members of the New York Giants visited New York City Fire Department Ladder Company 3.

“It’s truly an honor just to be here. These are the real everyday heroes. What they do for people every day on a regular basis – I just feel really privileged to be able to be around them,” said second-year linebacker Devon Kennard.

Kennard, along with Jon Beason, Josh Brown, Zak DeOssie, Markus Kuhn and Julian Talley, spent several hours taking a tour of the firehouse, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this Friday – also the 14th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Ladder Company 3, located a block south of Union Square on 13th Street, was among the hardest hit during the attacks – 12 firefighters lost their lives.

“I had 17 years on when 9/11 happened. Eight of the guys were working on duty and four of them had just gotten off but went down there on their own," said firefighter Mike Moran, a 30-year FDNY veteran.

Memorials for those fallen firefighters are on display all over the firehouse, as are remembrances of countless others who lost their lives fighting in the United States Armed Forces. One of the Ladder Company 3’s firetrucks that was used and destroyed on September 11th now resides at the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

“I had the opportunity last year with the team to go to the 9/11 Memorial. That was just incredible to see and it’s remarkable to see what these men do every day,” said Kennard.

“This time of year it’s good to give back and remember those who lost their lives. It was truly an American tragedy, but it’s amazing all the people who came together,” added Beason.

The admiration the Giants players displayed for the Ladder Company 3 firefighters was certainly mutual. Laughs and stories were swapped over an All-American meal of ribs, sliders, cornbread and mac and cheese. Firefighters took turns taking pictures while wearing DeOssie’s two Super Bowl rings.  Some players even took turns trying on equipment – although no one practiced sliding down the fireman’s pole.

“These are the guys we look up to. Everybody here loves football. The Giants are a local team. We try and give 100 percent every time we’re out there. We try and be prepared like they do. We love to watch them and cheer them,” said Ladder Company 3 Captain Glenn Sheridan.

“I was a goofy Giants fan as a kid, so it’s great meeting the current players. Now I have some guys I can really root for,” echoed Moran.

As much as Moran and the 24 other members of Company 3 might be pulling for Big Blue, it’s the players who salute what they do for them even more.

“These guys throw their lives on the line every day for us,” said Beason.  “You get in a situation when you need somebody, we know we can count on them.”

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