Guard Chris Snee - 12/26

Posted Dec 26, 2012

Guard Chris Snee on the Giants playoff odds

Q:  All the other games that you need to have happen are all in-division games, all rivalries. Does that give you any more hope?
A:  We can’t focus on that. Coach said there is a scenario where we get in. We’re aware of what it is, but we have to focus on beating a Philadelphia team who’s playing very well. They’re fighting hard and I’m sure they’ll like nothing more than to keep us out of the playoffs.

Q:  If you do get in the playoffs, do you still think you can do some damage?
A:  Well, I mean we’re not going to go in there not being confident. That’s not like this team. If we’re fortunate enough to be able to get in, we’ll have to go on the road and play better than we have in recent weeks. We’ve been a good road team traditionally, but not this year.

Q:  A few years ago you were in a similar position where you won, but still didn’t make it into the playoffs:
A:  Yeah, that’s what happens when you take it out of your hands, which is what we’ve done. Not the situation that anyone wants to be in, but that’s what we have in front us and all we can focus on is 9-7. What happens, happens.

Q:  How do you shut out your emotions from the last few weeks and focus on winning this game?
A:  That’s just the profession we’re in. It’s week to week. Every Wednesday you come in and put the last game behind you and it can’t be any different. As frustrating as this has been, beating the teams that we did and losing to the teams that we have, it’s been frustrating. We haven’t played well. It’s hard to explain. It’s hard to understand, but that’s what’s happened and you have to put it behind you.

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