Guard Kevin Boothe - 12/31

Posted Dec 31, 2012

Kevin Boothe talks about his pending free agency and what the future might hold

Q: Last time you had this kind of uncertainty was during the lockout, so you didn’t really get to feel the market. Are you curious to see what’s out there for you?
A: Sure. I guess so. You’re a free agent, so we’ll see how it all goes. I don’t know. I’ve never been in this situation really before. It’s new to me and I’ll see how it goes day by day as we get around March or whatever.

Q: Does it give you a little bit more confidence doing it after a full year as a starter where you put an entire year of film together for people to see?
A: Sure. I think it’s better to have played than not to have played going into free agency. Obviously, the Giants have to go about their process and hopefully they want me. I guess that will be the first thing is that somebody wants me.

Q: You guys up front have talked about the continuity. It seems like they have it now. Does that factor into it? Does that help your case to be back here?
A: I’m not sure how it all plays out. I know they have a lot of tough decisions to make upstairs and I can’t really think about it too much because there’s things that I can’t control. So we’ll see. I think we made a lot of progress this year on the offensive line and I think that we can definitely improve. So I’m looking forward to whatever happens.

Q: Are you looking back on the season saying we had the talent to be a champion again and it’s a wasted season?
A: Sure. I think whenever you have exit meetings after week 17 it’s not a good season. The expectations here are very high and rightfully so and regardless of the situation when you’re not in the playoffs, it’s a disappointment. I’m confident that this group will bounce back.

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