Justin Pugh latest to be pranked by team

Posted Aug 8, 2013

Rookie Justin Pugh was the latest Giant to be pranked by his teammates

It’s all fun and games until you receive a five-figure bill. Or, unless you’re a rookie, that’s when the fun begins.

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Justin Pugh, as the story goes, recently went out to dinner with 20 offensive players near the Quest Diagnostics Training Center, where the Giants are currently holding training camp. There’s a code that mandates the highest draft choice pick up the tab, and Pugh, being the 19th overall selection this past spring, obliged.

He looked at the check, and that’s when the offensive tackle started to sweat. A $10,000 dinner tab will do that to a 22-year-old. The only thing is the dinner came to several hundred dollars, but he didn’t know that. The veterans had arranged for the fake bill to be presented to Pugh.

“It was rigged to have all these extra items — $5,000 for a private room, extra professional team services and a big phony bar bill,” Eli Manning told The New York Times. “Justin got all worried about whether he had enough room under his credit-card limit. We just sat there and watched him for a while. He was sweating it out pretty good.”