Know Your Scouts - North Region

Posted Apr 22, 2013

Meet the Giants college scouts and their assigned regions

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Since 2001
Stephen W. Devine is in his 12th season as a member of the Giants’ scouting department. Before beginning his career with the Giants, Devine spent 28 years as a coach. Nineteen of those years were at the college level and nine were in the high school coaching ranks. Just prior to joining the Giants in 2001, he was an athletic administrator and coach in the Marysville (Ohio) school system.


Since 2000
Ryan Jones is in his 12th season as a member of the Giants organization. He joined the Giants in 2000 following nine years as a collegiate coach. Jones became a coach following a successful playing career as a defensive back at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where he earned a bachelor of arts degree. He also holds a master’s degree in administrative science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

What was your first scouting experience?
My very first scouting experience was actually in North Dakota, that was the one. I do not remember the guy I was scouting at the time, but it was in North Dakota. It was like, ‘Wow, New Jersey to North Dakota.’ It was actually warm because it was August. It was a beneficial thing to be out there in August, so it was really nice. North Dakota, wow, that brings back memories on that one.

How many miles do you travel per year and how many cars have you gone through?
Probably I’d say between 15 to 20,000 a year, and how many cars have I been through? I’ve been through four cars. I’m on my fourth car.

What is the smallest town you’ve visited on a scouting trip?
Let’s see, there are a couple of these. One most recently was West Liberty of West Virginia. It was like on top of a ski resort in West Virginia. You go winding and winding and winding all the way to the top. That’s one. Then another might be Eastern New Mexico [University] in Portales… You rode through two time changes to get there, and when you finally get there, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ That was one of the more interesting ones there. Another was Angelo State in Texas because that was on the back end of coming from North Dakota. That first trip, that first fall, the very first time I went out scouting, it was like ‘OK, here you go, Ryan, start in New Jersey.’ You go North Dakota, first stop then you work your way down to North Dakota State and then it was South Dakota. Then it was Wyoming and Nebraska and straight down into Colorado State and Colorado and Air Force, then to New Mexico State. You remember vividly that first trip…I ended in Angelo State, and at that time I had a map, and I was like, ‘Where is this place?’ It was like me and the jackrabbits out there.


Since 2005
Chris Pettit joined the Giants’ scouting staff in 2005 after spending the 2004 season as a scouting intern for the team. Pettit first worked for the Giants as a training camp pro personnel intern from 1998-2000.

What was your first scouting experience?
My first scouting experience was at the wonderful university of Slippery Rock back towards Pittsburgh. It was a frightening experience. I didn’t know where I was going. I got lost going in. It was a small school. [General manager] Jerry [Reese] got me started with a small school and went from there.

How many miles do you travel per year and how many cars have you gone through?
I’m on my third car and my eighth fall. I probably do about 20,000 miles, 15-20,000 miles on my car per year. I don’t fly much in my area. I drive most of it. I actually hit a deer this year on the way home from Boston, so I’ll be getting my fourth car very soon.

What is the smallest town you’ve visited on a scouting trip?
I have the northeast, so there are a ton of small little schools all over the place. I’ve gone to schools out in the middle of Maine, middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania, some small schools out in Iowa. I had one incident out in West Virginia where I lost cell service, and the road I was going to take was closed. It was a long afternoon and night. This was before a lot of GPS stuff, and it was a scary time out in West Virginia. I ended up having to go to the map and driving about 50 miles out of the way to find another bridge to cross into Ohio. It was a long day. It was a frightening time for a scout before GPS and cell phones really were good.