Logo mashup! NFL merges with NBA

Posted Jul 8, 2014

Graphic artists recently created an NFL/NBA logo project merging football and basketball logos.

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Graphic Artists Brandon Hubschman and Weis Karzai  recently created an NFL logo project for, which was also posted to Hubschman’s portfolio on

The project, titled "NFL x NBA Logos," shows what NFL team logos may look like if they were merged with that of local NBA teams.

“This was a self-inclined project to take on the challenge of combining all 32 NFL logos with every NBA logo. Each NFL team was paired with its most applicable NBA team, with respect to most important location, as well as team lineage.”

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Hubschman blended the New York Knicks subway token logo with the colors and initials of the New York Giants.

See below for the Giants/Knicks logo as well as the mash-up of the Giants' top rivals and their NBA counterparts.