Offseason Chat: TE Daniel Fells

Posted Jan 7, 2015

TE Daniel Fells chats with to recap the 2014 season and talk offseason goals

1. What is one play or game that could have changed the course of the year?

Fells: I don’t think it ever boils down to just one game. That’s a loaded question. There are so many games. The whole season started spiraling downhill for us and we started a seven-game losing streak.

2. What is one thing you need to work on before next season?

Fells: Consistency. Being able to put together a complete game and play for 60 minutes and finishing the game the way we started.

3. What are your offseason plans?

Fells: Spending time with my kids and my wife. That’s the biggest thing I have this offseason. We have a vacation to Hawaii. We always go to Hawaii every year. That’s about it.