Postgame CB Corey Webster - 11/11

Posted Nov 11, 2012

CB Corey Webster of the Giants D in the loss to the Bengals

Q: How frustrating is it for you after hearing talk this week from Coach Coughlin and from the Bengals’ A.J. Green that there were holes in your defense?
A: It has nothing to do with us — all of that talking. We just didn’t play our game today. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and get better — continue to work on our craft as a team and hopefully, get better after this bye week.

Q: The Giants have had good and bad stretches this season. How frustrating is it right now?
A: It’s not frustrating, but we have to get better — get back to playing the tackle football that we know how to play over those last four or five good games. We have to get back to that and continue to build off of those types of things and continue to get better.

Q: Was there miscommunication on the Bengals’s first touchdown?
A: You can’t have that against anybody that you are going against. Everybody gets paid in this league. Everybody is good. You can’t have miscommunication. They are already a good team. We don’t need to give them a 50-yarder to start. You can’t have that. You have to have better communication —communicate every play. You have to be great communicators on the field, and we weren’t.


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