Postgame DE Jason Pierre-Paul - 10/28

Posted Oct 28, 2012

DE Jason Pierre-Paul on the Giants win

On the Cowboys loss:  “Every division game is going to be a tough one.  That last pass, we thought it was over.  Everybody thought it was over.  Dez was celebrating.  All we could tell was that the referee was going to the review booth to see what it was.  When they called it not a touchdown, it gave us another shot to go out there and play hardball.  Just get at the quarterback one last time. 

On the interception and his first career touchdown:  “I was supposed to rush on that play.  I was kind of patient on my rush.  It looked like he was going to throw it that way.  So I just jumped up and caught the ball, and ran it for at touchdown.

On the mindset while the Giants lead was disappearing:  “We had been in that situation before.  Coach Coughlin always preaches to fight fight fight, finish finish finish.  One thing about us, we will never give up.  No matter what the score is.  It can be 6-28, or 28-6.  We never give up.  We just kept on fighting.  That’s what the Giants do.”

On the defense:  “We have one hell of a defense.  We are just getting better and better.  Every year.  Every play.  Every football game we play, we are just getting better and better.  We are not even at our full potential as a defense.  We are probably at 50 percent. We have a whole lot of football to play.  And that is the great thing about it.  We have another snap.  Play another down.  Play another football game.” 

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