Postgame LB Mathias Kiwanuka - 12/30

Posted Dec 30, 2012

LB Mathias Kiwanuka on the end of the Giants season

RE: The team’s performance in a blowout win.
A: This is the kind of performance that we should have been putting together a couple of weeks ago.

Q: The mood in here is obviously different than a shocking loss in the playoffs. Did you guys come in here knowing how long of a shot it was to make the playoffs? The mood in here seems to be an accepting one.
A: We knew it was a long shot, but if you look at the teams that we needed to win, it was realistic. All of those things could’ve happened. I think we were trying to stay optimistic, and the fact that we went out and put a good performance together lifted our spirits a little bit.

Q: Can you describe the impact of running through those kids and the parents during the pre-game ceremony?
A: It’s an emotional game, but when you have people like the Sandy Hook, or the Make-a-Wish kids who come in, it’s a similar feeling like we get to play a game. We bring joy to peoples’ lives. There’s no doubt about it that we play a game. We’re professionals, and we go out there hard every week, but there are other people out there who are dealing with way tougher situations than we are, so it’s a humbling experience. It’s very emotional because even in somebody, or some kid’s time of despair, they’re still looking to the Giants to bring them some kind of cheer or hope during the day that they’re going through.

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