Postgame Quotes: Coughlin, Manning

Posted Aug 16, 2014

Quotes from the players during the Giants vs. Colts game

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Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening Statement:

"…It wasn't at halftime, but I thought we'd come out the second half and see who loved football. You know they fought hard, they battled, it was primarily the end of the second group and then the third group that did it. I also told our team, we are realists and we are looking at what looked to be a very poor performance in the first half by the ones and then when the twos came in, they didn't really get a lot going and then all of a sudden, with Curtis (Painter), it was a drive and a score. And then there was a feeling on the sideline that maybe we can do this. When Ryan (Nassib) came in, he overcame a lot of obstacles as you can see. The long yards, the fourth downs. (Adrien) Robinson made some nice plays in the middle of the field. He took advantage of going up on top, to be honest with you, which I thought was very smart on the outside where the penalties and the calls had been made out there as we work our way through what is and what isn't interference or defensive holding or whatever. He took advantage of that and we got a penalty down there. The series before (Julian) Talley made a nice play, it was a first down, it put us in position to score. Kellen Davis made a heck of a play. Again, again, Corey Washington made a heck of a play. So, it was, we take away from something like this the fact that we challenged our players and they battled and fought and found a way to win the game. That was a dismal looking circumstance at that point in time so it's a great lesson for all of us that you keep playing, you keeping playing, you find something positive, you get something done. You think you can do it a little bit better, you come back and find a way to win a game. That's the biggest lesson that we can take away from this game. The fact that we didn't play well with our ones, didn't really play well with the twos until the end of the third quarter, that's something we're going to have to drastically improve."


How concerning is the performance by the ones?

"How much more can I say? I just said it. It wasn't very impressive at all. We didn't get a whole lot done. We had some things planned for some of their special pressures, we didn't take advantage of that. We missed some throws that could have helped us, that may have gotten us the chance to get some movement. It is, it is disappointing but we're going back to work. It's all we can do, look at the tape, go back to work and put people in the same positions they were in in this ball game and hopefully they can achieve."

Did the whole starting offense take a step back today?

“I don’t know. I do know that is a playoff team, a high-caliber team that had an outstanding season a year ago. Very good personnel and whatever word you want to use to describe it, there is no production. There is nothing to look at from a production standpoint and that’s disappointing.”

Is the progression of the line in particular worrisome to you?

“I don’t think you can stop with the line. I mean, I think it goes right through every position out there from what I can see tonight. Sure you’d like to see it be better but as far as exactly what happened, I won’t know until I look at the tape.”

Did you get a sense they were pressing a little bit?

“I don’t. You’re going to be pressing in a couple of weeks if you don’t get it done now. We are trying to build, we are trying to use them. We’ve talked about using these games as another opportunity to evaluate yourself and we are trying to do that but we certainly didn’t get much of a sense of where we are tonight.”

Any idea on the injuries?

“Prince (Amukamara) has a groin strain. Who else? (Stevie) Brown had a shoulder. Cooper Taylor, I believe it’s a toe or something of that nature and (Markus) Kuhn said after the game his elbow is fine.”


Quarterback Eli Manning

How do you assess the performance tonight?

“Well I think in preseason you have to look at your individual performance, look at your starting group and evaluate the game from that aspect and obviously, it was not good enough for that first group. We did not execute, I thought we had some opportunities to hit some plays that we did not come down with, the deep one to (Jerrel) Jernigan, a deep one to Victor Cruz, I thought I had another one over the middle that I overthrew Victor on, so those are plays that we got to make. Those are game-changing plays and could be big plays for us. Besides that, we still have some negative plays, they came with a couple blitzes that were pretty good that got us and that happens sometimes, but we should have also had a blitz picked up, had a sack on a third down. So we are going to look at the film and keep figuring it out what’s going to be our style of football, what are going to be our best concepts that we run the best and each preseason game is going to be important for us.”

Do you have to have a good performance in the next game to feel good about going into this season?

“I obviously would like to play well in preseason games. This week we will game plan a little bit more than we have these prior weeks for the Jets so that will be good just to see that process and how that’s going to go. Hopefully we will go out there and play well, but we are going to keep our heads up and stay confident and make some plays.”

How comfortable do you feel about the offense?

“I feel comfortable with the offense. I think we are seeing things and making good decisions, know where to go with the ball. Each game something comes up that’s new or different that we have to talk about to make sure and be on the same page as Coach (Ben) McAdoo and we’re seeing things eye to eye.”

Did you take a couple more shots down the field tonight?

“Yeah, I guess we threw three deep ones down the field, but didn’t connect on any. So it doesn’t matter if you throw them down the field, you got to hit them. I thought we had a good chance on two of the three, the one to Victor (Cruz) and the one to (Jerrel) Jernigan on third down, where I thought he had the guy beat, but we didn’t connect on any of those two so it’s just a long incompletion.”

Do you worry about the preseason offensive performance?

“I don’t worry too much. Obviously you want to go out there, and you want to play well. You feel that you should be able to find completions and do things well but you can’t get worried at this point in time. It is a circumstance where you’re not game-planning as much and so if they come out with some good disguises and some blitzes, you’ve got to try to react and hopefully you can stick to your rules and you can make some plays, but sometimes they’ll get you with some things, but we’ve got to keep working and know that we’ve got to play better than what we are playing right now.”

Is there progress that’s being made that we don’t see, like with the receivers and timing?

“Yeah, I think there’s progress being made. I think just understanding the offense. We made some checks. We made some calls today that got everybody on the same page. We’ve just got to execute better, so I think that’s just a matter of what it is right now. We’re seeing things well and have a good understanding of what we’re trying to do, just executing at a higher level.”

Is the progress coming along slowly?

“I guess the other game I only threw it twice, so you’ve got to take that into consideration. I think it’s a matter of at practice you got to see it, understand the rules of the offense, of protections, of the run game, of everybody’s assignments, checking in and out of plays, just the mental capacity of it, speeding it up. I think those things are getting better. I think last week the whole team had missed checks and change in plays that some people got and some people didn’t, so I don’t think we had as much of that today. I thought it was more of everybody on the same page, doing the right things with the right timing of the offense. Now it’s just taking that next step and doing it even better.”

Are you checking out of a lot of plays in the preseason?

“No, I think it’s calling some, checking some. We’re just trying to run the offense, trying to stick to, depending on what our rules are. We’re not really checking many plays but changing protections, changing things to get into better situations.”

Quarterback Ryan Nassib

On the touchdown to Corey Washington:

"It was an all-out blitz. The read took me to him. He's proven that he's made those big plays before and he did it once again."

On scoring 27 points in the 4th quarter:

"It was definitely strange in that fact. It shows that we have some perseverance and stuff like that. We'll play until the game’s over. I'm proud of not only the offense but the defense as well finishing it out at the end."

On getting third team reps:

"It didn't really matter to me what team I was going in with. I just wanted to go out there and execute, move the ball and score some points. The guys all rallied together and we were able to put together a couple good drives.”

On the fourth-and-16 play to Adrien Robinson:

"He ran a great route. He found himself a nice spot in the middle of the field between the deep coverage and the underneath coverage. He made a couple great plays down the stretch on that drive. He went up and got it and saved us."


Tight End Adrien Robinson

On his performance today:

"Getting the chance to make plays like that, I think it's really important that I got to show not only myself but my teammates and my coaches that I can go in there and make plays especially being in the fourth quarter on a game-winning drive. I feel like that was really big for me personally."

On his second catch:

"It was very good. I wish I could have kept on my feet and scored but it was good to setup the offense to go in for the game-winning drive."

On the fourth-and-16 play:

"I don't know if I was the primary read but they played Cover 2. I just saw the middle linebacker and the middle of the field was like the red sea. Once I beat the linebacker, Ryan (Nassib) just threw a great ball."­

LT Will Beatty

On tonight's game
: "I felt good out there, but I'd feel a lot better with a win. I felt like I had an average performance, but I don't want to be average. I want to be extraordinary."

Safety Antrel Rolle

Assessment off defense tonight
: "Overall, I think we still have a lot to work on. I think we need to get better with our man-to-man coverage. We still have to get a point of emphasis on not touching the receivers so much or not pulling jerseys. I don't think they're giving us too much of a fine line to play with, but we still have to play within the rules. We can't do anything about the calls that are being made, so we have to play around the calls and make sure we enforce whatever we're trying to impose on the offense. But overall as a defense, I don't think we're played such a good game today. I think we definitely have a lot to work on, and go back to work on Monday."

Wide Receiver Victor Cruz

On Corey Washington:

"He's in the end zone, big catches. It's the same energy. It's the same feel. He's definitely out there doing what he has to do to make an impression on the coaching staff and on his teammates.”

On if Washington made an impression on him:

“Absolutely. I think he can definitely play this game at a high level. I think he can use his physical body and his physical nature to be good in this game. I think he's shown that and proven that to the world."