Postgame RB Ahmad Bradshaw - 12/23

Posted Dec 23, 2012

RB Ahmad Bradshaw on the disappointing loss to the Ravens

On the lack of intensity
“I think we just didn’t come to play today. We had a late start, and we couldn’t get it going after that.”

On not coming to play on such an important game
“We just didn’t come to play today. It was a big game. This was one we needed. They wanted it more than we did.”

On the Ravens’ defense
“Well, they had a great scheme. I can’t speak for our defense. Offensively, they had a great scheme against us. We couldn’t seem to get it situated.”

On the loss
“We know the type of guys we have. We know what we’re capable of. We’re just not satisfied with what happened today.”

On how the Giants re-group
“It’s all about pride. We’re playing for pride. We just have to go and let it all out. The next game – if it’s our last, whatever happens, we just want to leave out with pride.”

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