Postgame RB Andre Brown - 10/21

Posted Oct 21, 2012

After sitting out with a concussion, RB Andre Brown came back to add a TD in the Giants 27-23 win

Q: How important is getting the first division win?
A: It was very important. We go into the playoffs by winning the division, so that’s the most important and that was a very important win because we were 0-2 in the division. That was a very good win.

Q: What was it like to watch Victor score the game-winning touchdown?
A: Oh, my gosh. I think I was sprinting down the sideline with him. I almost beat him down there, but it was an amazing game. It was a hard, tough fought game and that’s how it is in the NFC East. You’re going to get those types of games and you’re going to just have to continue to fight out here.

Q: Talk about the touchdown in the first half.
A: It was the goal line, that’s where they put me in at and… big back and I just go in there and push it in and get another touchdown.

Q: Does that give you confidence?
A: That just comes with practice and repetition and then going out there and proving myself and going out there and showing that I’m capable of doing everything and hope the opportunities continue to rise and I’m just going to keep on continuing to take advantage of them. Just keep plugging away and whatever happens, happens.



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