Postgame RB David Wilson - 12/9

Posted Dec 9, 2012

David Wilson on his breakout game as a rookie

Q: Did you feel any different before the start of today’s game – did you know something big was going to happen?
A: Not really, I just went through the regular warmups, but last night I was really tired so after the meetings I went upstairs and went straight to sleep. 

Q: You have high expectations for yourself.  Did you feel like you had a game like this possible this season?
A: Actually to go back to the first question, I fell asleep watching the Bo Jackson thing on ESPN, so maybe I was dreaming a little bit about that. To come out and have a breakout game like this, it’s an excellent feeling – you want to have a good game.  Every game you want to have a good game.  I think I went out there and my teammates went out there and we played great.  We put up 50 points, which hasn’t been done in a long time.

Q: Talk about how far you’ve come since the first game of the year when you fumbled and Coach didn’t put you back in and you got emotional on the sidelines.
A: I didn’t have the greatest start for a rookie, and rookies have little room for error.  At that point I was put in a position where I had to gain the coaches’ trust again.  I stuck with it and kept working and working at meetings and working on the field and trying to regain the trust.  I knew eventually my opportunity would come again.  I did those things so I would be prepared when the opportunity did approach.

Q: Did you feel the organization brought you along slowly to get you ready?
A: Yeah, they did what they had to do.  This is a great organization with great coaches.  They make the right decisions – it’s the reason they win games.  They knew how to handle me and knew what to do with me to put me in the positions where I could win.  They just made all the right decisions.

Q: On Friday in practice you had a big kick return – did you feel like this was coming?
A: We go through the special teams script each week and sometimes it’s not there and sometimes it is.  This week on every return that I did in practice it looked pretty good, and before the special teams meeting before the game, coach hands out assignment sheets.  This game, he didn’t hand me one, so I went to ask him ‘coach, where’s my assignment sheet,” and he said, “you don’t need one – just run fast.”  I think that might be the new thing – I think I’m done with the assignment sheets. 

Q: Were you more proud of the 100 yards rushing or the kickoffs today?
A: I think the kickoff return for a touchdown was really exciting and really a spark for the team, so I think I enjoyed that one more.  But anytime I’m in the end zone, you celebrate with the team and you can see how happy we are.

Q: You were also pretty close on a couple others [returns].
A: All season I’ve been close and when I got close on the first one I was like, ‘here we go again.’ 

Q: What takes more skill: Victor Cruz’s salsa or doing the back flip?
A: With his salsa, you’ve got to have coordination.  Not that many people can dance, and not that many people can flip.  I think they both have their own little spice.

Q: When did you know you had the touchdown return?  Was there a point on the field where you said, “this is it?”
A: When the kicker turned around the second time. 

Q: Some of your blockers said that they had seen the scores in the Cowboys and Redskins games right after the pick-6; did you happen to see that as well?
A: No, I didn’t, but we’ve been looking at the season, especially these last past weeks and especially this week, we took the approach of a four-game season.  So regardless of what teams do around us in our division, we want to have full control of our own destiny.  We prepare each week to win every game, so we can control.

Q: What does it feel like when you get into the open space?
A: When holes open up like that, I just thank God for giving me the speed to take advantage.  You hate to be one of those guys that can just look at the hole and say, ‘Man, I could have taken that hole if I was a little bit faster.’ At that point, I just use my God-given ability.

Q: For all the talk about this team – we’ve been here before, we’ve been through this – you’re a guy who wasn’t here last year.  At any point in the last couple weeks when you see the highs and the lows do you take a step back?  Are you surprised at the way this team plays when it’s under pressure?
A: I wasn’t here last year, I watched them win the Super Bowl on TV.  Then I got drafted to them and I said I want to win a Super Bowl.  I knew coming to this organization I would definitely have the chance and the opportunity.  With some of those games it hurts a little bit, but we know there’s more games, and now it’s narrowing down to the end of the season so we can’t have any more of those errors.  We want to definitely control the table.

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