Postgame Safety Stevie Brown - 10/28

Posted Oct 28, 2012

Safety Stevie Brown on the Giants win over the Cowboys

On being tested deep:  “We knew they were going to try to test us deep, because they hit us a lot on the short game.  We kind of figured either they were going to come back on the short game again, or they were going to try to test us deep.  So we were prepared for both.”

On being 6-2 in a competitive division:  “It’s a win.  It is an NFL win.  It is a win in the division.  It is a win in the conference.  We’re happy.  We are going to celebrate.  But we have to get back at it next week.”

On the TD and replay: “When I saw it live on the field, it looked like he came down out of bounds.  I was thinking, I was glad it was going to be able to be challenged, because I didn’t think he caught it in bounds.”

On winning without their top two safeties:  “There is just a motto around here.  If somebody goes down, you have to fill in, and you can’t have a let-off.  And that’s how everybody thinks around here.”

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