Postgame WR Hakeem Nicks - 12/16

Posted Dec 16, 2012

WR Hakeem Nicks on a frustrating loss to the Atlanta Falcons

On limping off the field:
I don’t want to talk about limping, no limping, no nothing. I’m straight. I finished the game.

Did you ever find your offensive sync today?

The effort was there. It just didn’t get executed. We moved the ball but have to come up with some points.

On the interception by DeCoud:
The safety cut and tried to take away the underneath (route) and Asante (Samuel) bailed so it was like a two man sky weave type coverage. They did a good job at it. He (DeCoud) made a good play on the ball. I just tried to get it knocked down but he made a good play. It was a good play on them.

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