Q&A with Giants FB Henry Hynoski

Posted Jan 21, 2013

Giants FB Henry Hynoski looks back on the 2012 season

Q: What was the best team moment of the season?
Hynoski: I’d have to say against Philly at home when our backs were against the wall and everybody was counting us out. We came together as a team and played well.

Q: What was your best individual play of the year?
Hynoski: Probably the touchdown, I’d have to go with that. I broke out the rhinoceros. I had it planned out for about a year if the opportunity came, and fortunately it did. I was happy and blessed to have that opportunity.

Q: What is one play or game you could change?
Hynoski: Just any of the losses that led to us missing the playoffs. Obviously that’s the goal, but we’re a team that never quits. We always want to give ourselves a chance, but unfortunately the other teams didn’t cooperate when we needed them to. We gave ourselves a shot and it just shows the fight and determination that we have.

Q: What are your plans or goals for the offseason?
Hynoski: I’m just going to stay here and work out. I’m going to be living up here in New Jersey and getting ready for the next season.

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