Q&A with Giants WR Rueben Randle

Posted Jan 15, 2013

WR Rueben Randle looks backs at the 2012 Season

Q: What was the best team moment of the season?
Randle: I guess you could say the last week, just the way we finished up. All phases did pretty well, so that was a pretty good overall team win.

Q: What was your best individual play of the year?
Randle: I’d probably go with the touchdown against the Eagles, the second one. I was just going up making a play on the ball and on the way down I was twisting and reached into the end zone. It was something that just happened naturally. I really didn’t know where I was on the field. I was just trying to get the extra yard. It got the offense going and we came out with a victory.

Q: What is one play or game you could change?
Randle: Any game of the last two before the finale. Just the way we played, I think that’s kind of the difference in the season. We didn’t go out and compete as well as we should, so we fell up just short of our goal of the playoffs. That was a goal of mine. I knew if we got into the playoffs we’d have a pretty good shot going back to the Super Bowl, but that’s been one of the hardest things to deal with.

Q: What are your plans or goals for the offseason?
Randle: Just continue to get better and stay healthy. Come back faster, stronger, and just be ready to go out and compete for next year.

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