QB Eli Manning - 12/26

Posted Dec 26, 2012

QB Eli Manning on going into the last regular season game of the season

Q:  How do you prepare yourself mentally for this game given the circumstances?
A:  I think you prepare like any other game. We have to go and handle our business. We have to go win a football game. That’s the only thing we can control and that’s the only possibility of us making the playoffs, it starts with us handling our business and going and winning that game. For anything, just going out there and playing good football and getting that feeling; that’s what we do when we’re football players. We go out there and play to the best of our ability. It’d be good to get back and start playing better football than we have the last few weeks.

Q:  After two disappointing weeks in a row; how do you put those behind you?
A:  That’s all you can do; you put it behind you. That’s all you can do from each week. You just go from one week to another. Whether you’ve played your best game or a game that you know you could’ve played better, you put it behind us and you try to figure out how you can play at a higher level where we had some opportunities and just make a game of it. Get the game into the fourth quarter and try to win it then.

Q:  Knowing you don’t control your own destiny, do you still think about that going into Week 17?
A:  I think everybody knows what the circumstances are and it’s obviously not the circumstances that you want, but at least you have a circumstance. Sometimes that’s all you can hope for. Again, it really just comes down to first off, us handling our business, and us going out there and playing the style of football that we know we can. That’s really what we’re trying to get back to. Let’s play better football and work on doing that. Everything else will hopefully work out for the best.

Q:  Is it difficult to prepare for a team like the Eagles that’s had so many changes this season?
A:  No. Obviously they made a defensive coaching change a number of weeks ago, but you have a lot of film these last five-six games or however many it’s been since they made that change where you can see what they’re doing and how things have changed a little bit. They’ve been playing great defense these last weeks. You watch it on film; they’ve had tight games these last three or four weeks and have had chances to win games and beat Tampa in a close game. We have to be ready for a team that’s been playing a lot better and try to figure out a way to get a win.

Q:  How important are field position, creating turnovers and protecting the football?
A:  It’s obviously always important. If you can keep the ball and not turn the ball over, (if) our defense can create turnovers and give us some momentum, special teams giving us great field position; those things are always important, but offensively we just need to worry about, no matter where we get the ball or what the circumstances are, playing well, converting on third downs and trying to get it in the end zone a few more times.

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