Quotes: Coach Tom Coughlin on first half

Posted Aug 10, 2013

Coach Tom Coughlin spoke with NBC's Bruce Beck about the Giants' production in the first half

First your offense, you had a good drive with Eli, and then a pretty good job with David Carr.  Your thoughts on the way the offense performed:


Coach Tom Coughlin on first half
Coach Tom Coughlin gives his take on the Giants' production...

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Coach Tom Coughlin: Well, obviously we’re lacking all the parts, but i was glad to see us get on the board.

Defense, you talked about tackling, you talked about execution, that physicality, are you disappointed or are you okay?

Coach Tom Coughlin: We’ll see, the first half they had a couple drives on us, they knocked some first downs out, they recovered from like a 3rd and 15, which, that always bothers me.  We’re in our first preseason game.