Quotes: DE Tuck on importance of OTAs

Posted May 22, 2013

DE Justin Tuck talks about why OTAs are an important portion of the offseason program

Q: Is there greater urgency for the defense this year?
A: There’s urgency every year. We’re putting last year behind us and moving forward.

Q: Were you surprised Hakeem wasn’t at practice?
A: Maybe. I don’t know. I didn’t have time to think about, but I’m sure Hakeem is getting himself ready to play and hopefully he’ll be here tomorrow.

Q: It sounds like you’re not too worried.
A: I don’t throw to the wide receivers. If we had any linebackers or defensive ends or d-linemen or corners or safeties that’s not here that need to be here, then maybe I’ll be the guy for that question. Eli, Hakeem and Victor all know what they need to get ready to play the game. I realized this. No matter how much time they miss, if they come out on Sunday and ball, this will be forgotten anyway. That’s all I ask for them. Just make sure they’re ready to play when that time comes.

Q: What do OTAs do for you?
A: With the CBA and just the ever-changing game of football, OTAs have become more important. You’re not allowed to do as much as you used to or have as much time as you used to. So these days that we have have become more important. We’ve got an opportunity to get back in the flow of things and we’ve got to use these wisely.