Read Coach Tom Coughlin's new book

Posted Mar 4, 2013

Read Coach Tom Coughlin's new book, "Earn The Right To Win"

Courtesy: Penguin Books

The most useful book of the year might be EARN THE RIGHT TO WIN by Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin.

Of course it's about football, and what it's like to lead a team to a Super Bowl victory (twice!)

Of course it's about Michael Strahan and Eli Manning and Victor Cruz and many other Giants.

But above all it's about YOU.

How can YOU jumpstart your career or personal life by applying Coach Coughlin's methods?

What can he teach YOU about mental toughness, constant improvement, and sweating the small stuff?

When you feel well-prepared, you can sleep soundly before a big game and take the field with confidence -- no matter what field you play on.

EARN THE RIGHT TO WIN goes on sale March 5. For more information please visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or your favorite local bookstore.

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