Rookie Q&A: OT Matt McCants

Posted Nov 14, 2012 caught up with some of the rookies before the bye week and asked them about life in the NFL.

Today, get to know sixth-round draft choice OT Matt McCants better in this exclusive Q&A.

Q: How have you approached your role as a practice squad member during your rookie year?
McCANTS: A team is a team regardless – practice squad or not.

Q: Do you learn a lot from going against a talented defensive line in practice?
McCANTS: Definitely. I’m just coming in here every day getting a chance to go against arguably the best defensive line in the league. So I take advantage of that. It’s been a good ride for me just getting better every day going against the best. So I look forward to it.

Q: What do you do during games?
McCANTS: The other practice squad guys and I sit and watch it in the stadium.

Q: When did you think you could play professionally?
McCANTS: My junior year in college. I was starting to come into my own a little and kind of start feeling myself a little bit. So I was like, you know what, I can play. It was around that time.

Q: On draft day, people found out you play the tuba. Do you still play?
McCANTS: I still play the tuba. It’s not like I own one, but whenever I get a chance to play it, I play it. I was also a theater minor in college. They did a story on me my freshman year in college, like a day in the life of a UAB freshman and they did that on me.


Stay tuned to as tomorrow we talk with the Giants’ fourth-round draft choice TE Adrien Robinson.

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