Ross says Giants secondary playing with spark

Posted Dec 28, 2011

CB Aaron Ross talks about the keys to slowing down the Cowboys offense.

Q: Do you think the way the defense played in Week 14 can be a spark?

A: Of course. It was really embarrassing when you come back and watch film and watch the TV copy and see the mental busts on the back end. So we got together as a unit and told each other we can’t have that happen again.


Q: The Cowboys are a good enough offense…

A: When you’re covering them. We can’t give up those type of plays against that offense.


Q: People think it’s going to be the same type of game that it was Week 14. Do you think that way?

A: I think so. Like you said, we know each other, we play each other twice a year, we pretty much had the same secondary that’s been here for about three to seven years with each other. So we know each other. We know their receivers. Their receivers know us. So it’s going to be a nice contest. We have a lot, a lot, a lot at stake.


Q: Being from Texas, is it special playing the Cowboys?

A: Oh yeah.


Q: Were you a Cowboys fan growing up?

A: Of course. Being a Texas boy, you love the Cowboys. It’s all you hear about. That’s all you see on TV. Every time I get a chance to play against those guys the family, the friends, everybody – it’s a big game for me.

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