STC Tom Quinn - 12/27

Posted Dec 27, 2012

Special Teams coordinator Tom Quinn on how special teams is faring at the end of the regular season

Q:  Coach Coughlin was pretty happy with the way the special teams unit played last week and singled you guys out as the only group that played well:
A:  Kickoff return, we left some yardage out there, which we needed against a really good coverage team. That was a little disappointing. We missed a couple reads and didn’t finish off some blocks. I thought punt competed; punt return, I’m not happy with that. (Domenik) Hixon had a couple opportunities…he had one 10-yard return, the other one was only two. That affected us.

Q:  You guys changed the kick return and had Ryan Torrain back there with David Wilson?
A:  If he’s active, we want to be able to use the best guys for the job. We also had Jernigan for return, so he could take those reps if David needed a blow.

Q:  With what Lawrence Tynes has done this year, how would you assess his performance?
A:  It was consistent earlier in the year and then we kind of ran into a patch in the law few games. You have to make those kicks. Those are all makeable kicks, so I’m sure he’d want those back. Hopefully he gets hot here in the last game and finishes it off. We’ll see what happens. Obviously you always want to take away that little rough spot to really feel good about it. He was very consistent and the snapper and holder helped him by being consistent. He’s made progress.

Q:  What about Tynes’ job on kickoffs this season?
A:  They were good. It wasn’t flying as much, but I think we haven’t seen as many touchbacks on kick returns either. So, it kind of goes hand in hand. It’s not like the other guy is kicking a bunch of touchbacks. I think it’s just how the wind was blowing for our games and the weather we were playing in, that type of thing.

Q:  Coach Coughlin mentioned that these guys on special teams are usually the guys hanging on and fighting for spots on the team. Have you always noticed that these guys are trying to make their name?
A:  I think it’s got to be. Anytime you’re on the bottom of the roster, you’ll be fighting for a job, fighting for a paycheck. You better be motivated. We always have to deal with that as far as who we get to deal with. You hope they’re motivated and if not, you’ll find someone else that is.

Q:  The new guys are always handed to you first:
A:  Yeah, (Kregg) Lumpkin and (Ryan) Torrain have done a nice job just jumping in and being a part of it. It’s always good.

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