Safety Antrel Rolle reflects on 2012

Posted Jan 17, 2013

Safety Antrel Rolle reflects on the 2012 season

Q: What was the best team moment of the season?
Rolle: Best team moment of the year? To be honest with you, I think our best team moment of the year was the last week against Philadelphia. I think it had to be that game. Although it was a bittersweet feeling, just going out there knowing there was a possibility we can get in and knowing the possibility we wouldn’t get in, and just everyone laid it out on the line. I think it was a dominant team performance. I think everyone was clicking – coaches, players, our fans were into it. I think if we went out, we went out with a bang. We went out with our heads held high. As sad as it is, I think that was the best team moment.

Q: What was your best individual play of the year?
Rolle: My best individual play probably had to be my one-handed interception against San Francisco. I broke on a slant route from the deep third coverage and I was able to keep the concentration the whole way to hold onto it and make a pretty good play out of it.

Q: What is one play or game you could change?
Rolle: If it’s a play that I could personally have back, it probably would be against the Dallas Cowboys, the Miles Austin touchdown, one of the final plays they had offensively. I think I was waiting, I saw the corner in good position so I was kind of waiting for him to make a play, and if I could do it all over again, I definitely would clean both Miles Austin and the corner up and not wait for that corner to make that play. I kind of waited for him to make a play, and I got there, I got there in perfect timing but I kind of relaxed a little bit on the play and overran it a little bit.

Q: What are your goals for the offseason?
Rolle: My goals for the offseason are first and foremost rest and heal my body. I had a lot of little nicks and injuries that of course I just play through them. Just keep myself in shape and keep myself mentally prepared for the game and understand what’s going to be my tactic coming back this offseason – how I’m going to approach the game, how am I going to approach the locker room, and how can I get myself better as well as get my team better.

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