Safety Antrel Rolle sets 2013 goals

Posted Jan 2, 2013

Safety Antrel Rolle set goals for himself in preparation of the 2013 season

At this time last year, the Giants’ season was just beginning. However, that won’t be the case this time around, leading Antrel Rolle to his New Year’s resolution.

But first, an apology.

“My final message would be, first of all, just want to apologize for a letdown,” the safety said Wednesday on WFAN when asked what his final words would be to Giants fans as the team moves forward. “We try to go out there and give it our all when we can.

Unfortunately, we came up a little bit short this year. It’s something that kind of pretty much caught all of us by surprise.”


Now the vow.

“Come the 2013 season, all I can do is just do my part and be a better player and try the best that I can to make sure that the team is all on the same page,” Rolle continued in his final weekly appearance with Joe and Evan. “And that more importantly, that we’re hunting – that we’re going to hunt from the first preseason game all the way until the Super Bowl, if God be it we make it there. Just try to be a better overall team on a more consistent basis week in and week out. And we’ll see where everything else takes us from there.”

Echoing his coaches and teammates, Rolle cited inconsistency as the main culprit of the 9-7 season that fell just short of the playoffs. While finishing 31st in the NFL in total yards allowed (28th pass, 25th rush), the Giants allowed 21.5 points per game, 12th overall. But the bulk came in the tail end of the season as New York never posted back-to-back wins in the second half of the year.

The Giants, however, did go out with a 42-7 rout of the rival Eagles, which was good but not enough for Rolle.

“It definitely doesn’t cure the sour taste in my mouth, especially with ending the season early, as I like to call it,” said Rolle, who tied last year’s career high in tackles with 96. “But it took care of that day, and that day only and just going out with the sense of urgency, going out with heart and leaving it out there on the field if it was our last game – and at that point it was. So it took care of business that day and made things better for that day in that present moment, especially with the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary School being there.”

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