TE Martellus Bennett - 12/31

Posted Dec 31, 2012

TE Martellus Bennett on his season and the free agent proccess

Q: Would you want to come back to the team?
A: Yeah, of course I would want to come back. I think this place has been great. I love the organization, the people, the team, the city and the fans. I love everything about here. You always want to be at a place where you love everything. There are only so many places you can go where you love everything about it.

Q: Did you meet with Jerry Reese today?
A: No, I haven’t. I’ll probably go up there and holler at him in a few minutes.

Q: Make your case?
A: I made my case already. It is what it is.

Q: Did you think you had a good season?
A: The thing I can say is that I improved tremendously throughout the whole year. I never played the way that I wanted to play. I always could get better. Every game was an improvement, though, so I think that was the biggest thing.

Q: Was there anything holding you back?
A: For the most part I feel like I improved a lot and I think next year with another year in the offense I think I could do ten times what I did this year and be a lot more effective. It’s still a learning experience with me and Eli and it’s just a lot of growth throughout the year.

Q: Do you have a plan for the offseason?
A: I prioritize pretty well and I have everything organized the way I want to work with it and who I’m going to work with and the things that are going to make me get better in those areas. I’m already getting calls out to my guy Brandon Marshall. I already got things I’m working with him with. I got calls in to my brothers and different quarterbacks and things to work with throughout the summer.

Q: You went through the free agent process this past offseason. Going through that again, how difficult will it be?
A: I’m at the point in my life where we’re ready to start having family. We really want to be stable and in one place, so we’re looking for a long-term deal. The wife and I both feel like we’re going to be Giants no matter what, but if not, you never know. I think if I’m not a Giant my number one priority would be playing with my brother. He’ll be a free agent this year, too. So that will be my number one thing if I’m not here is trying to link back up with him and start a Bennett Boy foundation where we donate for every sack and we donate for every touchdown I get.

Q: Do you think you’ve played well enough for a multi-year deal?
A: I think I played well enough to get a multi-year deal anywhere. I think there’s a lot of places that will be looking for a tight end and the tight end is becoming a tremendous part of the offense and my confidence is at a all time high and I think that this summer I’ll be working to get even better.

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