Tackle Will Beatty

Posted Sep 12, 2012

Tackle Will Beatty on improving the runnning game

Q: You’re feeling better?
A: Yes. I feel great. Not on the injury report, so that’s a plus, a step forward and the rest is up to Coach. I’ve just got to make sure that my practice gives them confidence, so if they have confidence in me in practice, they’ll put me in the game. I’m trying everything I can to make sure I’m off the injury report, which is a step forward. Let them see how I practice and then we’ll see for the games.

Q: Did you continue with splitting time between first and second teams?

A: I did and we didn’t have like a sit down conversation yet as in this is what we’re expecting going forward, so that was… Today I got off the injury report, so at some point, we will have an update. If you hear before me, please let me know.

Q: You have no reason to believe you’re going back on the injury report?
A: Correct. I’m trying to stay off it now. I spent enough time on it, so I’m just ready to get back into it and making sure last game, they had me at some tight end. They did use me, but it wasn’t like I really got game reps or they really got to see what I’ve got to do. More and more in practice I’m going with the ones, with the twos and just back to back, so you’re getting all the feels. You’re still going against JPP and Osi, so I’m making sure they know when I’m in there, look, we’re working. I’m not going against you, but we’ve both got to get something out of this.

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