WR Hakeem Nicks - 12/31

Posted Dec 31, 2012

WR Hakeem Nicks on the end of the season and updates his injury status

Nicks: It was kind of up in the air. Dealing with injuries in the past, I always had a knack for coming back fast. I felt like I tried. It got better and lightened up as the year went on, but I never quite got back to myself.

Q: Was that the knee or the foot?
A: The knee.

Q: Do you regret that at all?
A: No. I don’t have any regrets. It happened. I played through it. We didn’t get to the playoffs. It wasn’t the season that we wanted, but things happen and I just look forward to coming back strong.

Q: Did you make it worse playing?
A: No. I didn’t make it worse. It was just a situation where I was just gutting it out and I wanted to play for the team and for myself. It was a situation where I felt like if I was sitting I would have been miserable, so I felt like if I was just out there trying to give it whatever I had, everything would work out.

Q: Do you need any surgery in the offseason?
A: We’re still talking right now about the details of the injuries.

Q: Going what you went through this season, does it make you pretty hungry for coming back healthy next season to remind people of the player you really are?
A: I can’t wait. After I heal up, as soon as mid February gets here, I’m going to train and I’m ready to get after it.

Q: How frustrating were the last two games?
A: That isn’t frustrating. I don’t let that get to me. It is what it is. It’s done. There can’t be nothing done about it now, but things happen. You learn from it and you grow from it. You just got to put yourself in a situation to get healthy and better yourself.

Q: What’s the next step for you?
A: Just meeting with doctors and just resting, taking care of my body and staying off my foot and my knee and coming back strong.

Q: At what point did your foot feel better?
A: I really didn’t pay the foot any attention. That’s kind of how I do injuries. I just take it for what it is and if I can get by, I kind of don’t think about it because when you think about it that’s when you let it kind of hinder you. I looked at it like I was just getting better each week, which I felt like I was. I wasn’t quite myself, but I was getting better each week. I could tell that running wise. But I had to change up my whole style of running this year on the fly with the right foot and the left knee and I felt like I handled it pretty well and I just tried to give my best effort at all times.

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