WR Hakeem Nicks making progress in return

Posted Aug 21, 2012

WR Hakeem Nicks has been back at Giants practice and is making progress since his return

It was during the Giants’ second OTA workout in May that Hakeem Nicks broke a bone in his foot. Now he’s two practices into his return, and with Friday’s preseason game against the Bears marking exactly three months since the injury, the wide receiver isn’t far off.

After taking 50 percent of a normal workload in his first practice, Nicks ratcheted it up a day later to about 75 percent of snaps on Tuesday. Following practice, Nicks said there are no setbacks on the injury originally expected to take 12 weeks.

Now it’s a matter of getting back his timing with Eli Manning.

“It’s not far off,” Nicks said. “Obviously it needs some polishing up because we’ve been out for a while, but we have enough time where we can make things right.  A good solid week of practice and everything will be back.”

That includes live reps with defensive backs, which he and Manning have been soaking up so far this week.

“He seems good. Yesterday, he hit on a couple of nice passes,” Manning said on Tuesday. “So, he’s still got some work to do. Obviously, it’s been a little bit since he’s been practicing, but he’s looked sharp. He’s worked hard, and I’m excited about having him back in the offense. He’s such a big playmaker for us.”

On whether Nicks will see any preseason games, Tom Coughlin said the staff will “watch him practice here for a couple days and see.”

Nicks reiterated as much when asked the same question. And while he said he’s the “type” that likes to get some live action in the preseason, the September 5th regular-season opener against Dallas has always been the goal.

“We’ve played a number of games and thrown hundreds, if not thousands, of passes,” Manning said of Nicks. “Whether he gets action in the preseason or not, it’s about him just getting back in practice, getting those reps, being smart with the situation. So, he’s doing that, he’s getting reps, but they’re not overworking him right now. So, he could be ready, on the same page and on target for the first week.”