WR Victor Cruz - 12/26

Posted Dec 26, 2012

WR Victor Cruz on the Giants recent performance

Q: Will you be keeping an eye on the Pro Bowl roster as it comes out tonight?
A: I’ll be looking at it. Obviously, as a fan, as an athlete, you’re going to be looking at it. Hopefully, all of the people that I expect to be in it are in it, all of my friends and teammates.  We’ll see how it goes.

Q: What would that mean to you to be on the roster?
A: It would be an extreme honor, obviously. Growing up, you always watched the Pro Bowl just to see some guys that made the team. You always think that those guys are the best of the best, so I would definitely be honored if I made it.

Q: How do you approach this rivalry game against the Eagles?
A: It’s a must win. We’ve got to go in there to play our last home game of the regular season. Hopefully, it’s not our last game in general, but definitely our last home game in the regular season against a division opponent. We want to go in there and have a good game and put some good stuff out there.

Q: What have you seen from watching the Eagles over their last couple of games?
A: Their team is fighting. They’re fighting hard, and you can see that they’re out there playing with some pride themselves. We understand that, and we’ve just got to go out and match that same intensity that they’re playing with right now. Although their schedule may not say so, those last couple of games, they’ve been playing hard and playing some good football. We just have to be able to match that.

Q: Is it harder to prepare for them since they’ve had so many changes on the defensive side of the ball?
A: Not really. We’ve got a solid couple of games to look at, as far as looking at their tendencies, what they do, and I think we’ve got a good feel for what they’re doing defensively. We’ll see how it goes, and we understand exactly what we’re seeing out there early on.

Q: The fact that you guys do have hope, is that a word that you guys cling onto?
A: A little bit. I mean, we have a chance if we just take care of business ourselves on Sunday, and other teams win some games, we’ll be able to sneak into the playoffs a little bit. Hopefully if we do sneak in, it’ll be a sign for us to get off this skid that we’re on now and get things rolling a little bit.

Q: Do you guys think you can still be “dangerous?”
A: Most definitely. Anytime you’re in the playoffs, it’s a brand new season. It’s a brand new mindset. I think if we’re able to get in, we’ll be dangerous.

Q: Has it been harder to pick yourselves up after these last few weeks?
A: I guess so. I mean, we have to. We have no choice but to pick ourselves up. We want to end the season, if it’s going to be our last game, end it on a positive note. I guess we have to pick ourselves up, and get ready to play.

Q: This could be Andy Reid’s last game. Given the way he’s done things, are you expecting the unexpected in this game from him?
A: I guess so. I know his team, the players always love Coach Reid, and I feel like they have a special thing for him. If it is going to be his last game, I’m sure they’re going to want to play their hearts out and win that ballgame for him. I respect that 100 percent on their part, and they’re going to come out intense. We’re going to have to match that intensity, whether it’s a game that means nothing or a game that could potentially get us into the playoffs.

Q: Emotion is such a big part of this game. How do you guys find that emotion again after what’s happened over the last two weeks?
A: We’ve just got to dig deep, man. It takes all of us. It takes a full team effort this week, in order to get ourselves to where we need to be and win this last ball game and hopefully sneak into the playoffs, if we can. We’re just preparing ourselves this week for a big game, and hopefully a big win.

Q: How difficult is it to prepare for a game that could still get you in, knowing that some heads are still down, and understandably so?
A: It’s a little difficult. I mean, understanding that we’ve got to win this ballgame, and potentially still get in, even though some of us are definitely disappointed.  By no means are we satisfied with our position right now, because this isn’t where we saw ourselves a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, we’re not satisfied. But we have to come out and play some good football, win this ballgame, and kind of sit back and see what happens.

Q: How about the pride that this team has? There’s more than a win on the line, isn’t there?
A: Yeah, I think so. I think this is an opportunity for all of us to be on the same page. To play with pride and intensity in front of our own fans, which should give us some pride, some inspiration within itself. We’re excited for the opportunity and excited to play a division foe.

Q: Are you anticipating the Pro Bowl announcement later today?
A: I’ve been watching it. I’m a little eager, so I’ll be watching.

Q: What would that mean to you?
A: It would mean a lot, obviously. In the past, you always see the Pro Bowlers come out and think to yourself, those are the best of the best. To be a part of that list, coming from everyt

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