Weekend Chatter: Must-read Giants stories

Posted Mar 28, 2014

Get caught up on the the top Giants news stories of the week

1. The best offseason under Tom Coughlin?
Read through the years of notable free agents signed by the Giants, and let us know if you think the 2014 free agency period has been overrated, underrated, or right on point ... READ MORE

2. Giants awarded Compensatory Draft Pick
The Giants were awarded a compensatory selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, which gives them two choices in the fifth round and seven overall. The selection they received will be the 34th in the fifth round, the 174th overall pick ... READ MORE

3. Experts grade Giants' offseason moves
Experts from around the league have handed out grades after the initial wave of personnel moves. Here is a look at how they stacked up the Giants ... READ MORE

4. What are Giants options at Tight End?
We take a look at some of the Giants’ possible options in the 2014 NFL Draft, while seeing who’s still out there on the free agency market ... READ MORE

5. How do Giants fill spots on D-Line
How can the Giants can fill the void by revamping with players waiting in the wings or reloading through the draft and free agency? ... READ MORE