Which games will Giants wear white pants?

Posted Jun 24, 2014

The Giants announced they will once again wear white pants during select games

The white pants are back. Earlier today, the Giants also unveiled their 90th season patch to be worn on jerseys this year.

After debuting them last season, the Giants will again wear their alternate slacks for two games, a changeup from the traditional gray. The games -- both at home -- will be against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 9 on ‘Monday Night Football’ and two weeks later against the San Francisco 49ers. The usual home blue jerseys will be worn.

A little about the white pants: they have a red stripe bordered by gray and blue lines on the outside. The gray pants, meanwhile, include a blue stripe bordered by gray and red ones. Prior to 2013, the Giants last donned white pants in 1999, the final season they had “GIANTS” on their helmets and all-white road uniforms. The following year, the Giants began wearing uniforms that featured the “ny” on the helmets and gray pants.