Eisen's Mailbag: Andre Williams analysis

Posted Jul 10, 2014's Michael Eisen breaks down RB Andre Williams' performance at practice

I haven't heard anything about Andre Williams’ progression in OTA's. How has he looked? Do you think he will be the future of the Giants running game and contribute this year as well?
Dear Lawrence:
Williams had his impressive moments in the spring and also made his share of mistakes, as all rookies do. Assuming he has no trouble holding onto the ball, he should have a role on this year’s team. But it’s far too premature to say if he’s the future of the Giants’ running game. Can we at least let him play a regular-season game before we make those predictions? And let’s not forget that David Wilson, a former first-round draft choice, is entering his third season. He should have a bright and productive future of his own.
My question is the positioning of the offensive linemen. Ideally the best run blocking guard should be on the right side and the pass blocker on the left. I feel Geoff Schwartz is out of position and if John Jerry wins Chris Snee's spot, he will be out of position. What are your thoughts about this?
Dear Kevin:
How exactly did you decide that Geoff Schwartz is the Giants’ best run-blocking guard? And even if it’s true – and I don’t know that it is – are you certain the Giants will run predominantly to the right in their new offense? If Snee is healthy, he’ll be the right guard since he is a four-time Pro Bowler, uncommonly strong even by NFL lineman standards and determined to prove he can still play at a high level. Following your logic, he seems to be in the perfect position.
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