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Posted Aug 22, 2012's Michael Eisen answers your questions!

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With all the injuries at defensive tackle do you think the Giants may, especially in passing situations, put Justin Tuck in at defensive tackle? That seems like it would be scary to opposing QBs and offensive coordinators with Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and JPP all on the line together.

They used Justin Tuck as a pass-rushing defensive tackle when all of their tackles were healthy, so I don’t see why they would abandon the idea now. When the Giants have played the three ends you mentioned, plus Mathias Kiwanuka, together as pass rushers, opposing offenses have to decide who’s going to get double-teamed. It’s not a pleasant prospect for them. Frankly, I think the defensive tackle injuries have little or nothing to do with whether Tuck lines up there n passing downs.

Because of recent injuries, do you see the Giants bringing in a solid veteran player at either the DT position or the offensive tackle position after other teams make their cuts?

It’s hard to see anything along those lines right now because no cuts have been made and so few players are available. The easy answer is the Giants are always trying to upgrade their roster, so I if they see a player who can help them realize that goal, they will sign him, regardless of position. The Giants will scour the waiver wire like everyone else when teams start cutting players next week.

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