Eisen's Mailbag: DE Jason Pierre Paul and the TE unit

Posted Aug 26, 2014

Senior Writer/Editor Michael Eisen answers your fan questions about #GiantsCamp

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What's up with JPP? A ton of talk and with a one-game exception, no production. Plus, I haven't seen him double-teamed.

Dear Peter,

Nothing is wrong with Jason Pierre-Paul that the regular-season won’t cure. As he repeated again yesterday, his primary preseason goal is to stay healthy, as it is for so many players. He is working on his technique, getting a faster take off at the snap and improving his run-stopping. Would he like to have a sack? Of course, he would – who wouldn’t? But JPP is more concerned with preparing for the regular season than making a splash on the preseason stat sheet. Wait until the regular season before you judge him or any other player.

I don't understand why Ben McAdoo calls inside handoffs on third-and-11 or even third-and-17...and in the preseason! Does he just not have confidence in the ability of the offense to go for 11 yards on third and long? The defenses know what's coming.

Dear Steve,

He does it because it’s the preseason. A regular-season game plan is not going to include unlimited options for third-and-17. If you have three or four or five plays you might call in that that situation, why show them to your future opponents in a game that doesn’t count in the standings? Just hand the ball off and keep them guessing. Really, this questioning of the play-calling in the preseason is insanity. The idea is to prepare for the regular season without revealing too much of your offense. That is particularly important when you have a new coordinator/scheme.

I believe that the buzz this year will be if Jerry Reese is on the hot seat. I think gambling on the TE position and not taking a stud offensive lineman in the first and second round is going to haunt us all year. When was the last time the Giants fired a GM?

Dear Mike,

I don’t know and I don’t care. I’ll say it again – the Giants believe they have talented tight ends. They’ve played pretty well in the preseason. Should Reese and Co. have overpaid for a so-called big-name tight end to satisfy restless fans? Uh…no. Regarding the linemen – I don’t know if Weston Richburg wants to be called a stud, but he was taken in the second round. And with the injury to Geoff Schwartz, he will almost certainly start opening night. So that need was addressed early in the draft. Odell Beckham Jr. was a highly-rated player at a position of need. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get more weapons for Eli Manning.

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